The Express Package provides a noticeable interior and exterior clean without the wait. Exterior Wash + Shampoo + Hand Dry + Vacuuming + Quick Interior Clean

- Estimate Time: 15 Minutes



express Package

The detailing starter package that showcases our value at an affordable price. We offer shuttle service to nearby malls as we take our time to make sure the job is done thoroughly. Thorough Interior + Exterior Clean + Window Cleaning

-Estimated Time: 60 - 90 Minutes


bronze Package

At an unbeatable price, the silver package will not disappoint. This package will leave you at awe with a new car smell, fully cleaned carpets, floor matts, and nicely shined tires. Bronze Package + Trunk Clean + Tire Shine + Seats Conditioning

- Estimated Time: 90 - 120 Minutes


silver Package

Our most popular package, it includes: Silver Package + Spray Wax + Rims Cleaning + Deodorant 

- Estimated Time: 120 - 180 Minutes


gold Package

The maxed out package, tough stains and salts are removed, and sealant is added on the paint for longer protection against UV damage. Car is clayed, polished and waxed to remove all exterior contaminants. Gold Package + Polish & Wax + Engine Clean & Shine + Stain + Salt Removal

- Estimated Time: 180 - 240 Minutes


Supreme Package

Interested in more specific packages?

When you only need to detail the interior, this package will make do. The package includes: Vacuuming + Carpets + Seats+ Floor Mats + Trunk + Vinyl + Shining + Window Cleaning

- Estimated Time: 60 - 180 Minutes

interior Package


The Supreme Package but focused only on the interior, the package includes: Gold Interior Package + Stain & Salt Removal

- Estimated Time: 120 - 240 Minutes

interior Package